Firefox Push Notifications

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PushEngage helps your website, send web push notifications to people who subscribe from their Firefox browsers. These Firefox push notifications will work on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. Your subscribers will get these notifications as long as they are online and logged in, in their desktop or mobile.

PushEngage Firefox Push Notifications

What are Firefox Push Notifications?

From Firefox version 44+ released in Jan 2016, you can send desktop push notifications in Firefox Browsers similar to what you were able to do in Mobile Apps. These reach the users as long as the browser is running (even in background), and can reach your customers when they are not on your website. Each notification has an expiration time, and if your customer opens a browser within that time, the notification is delivered to them. Firefox Browser Push Notifications are real-time alerts which allow them to delivered instantly.

How it works?

1. Install PushEngage Javascript Code

After you create your PushEngage account, you will be logged into your account. Under Settings → Installation Settings you will see a javascript code that you need to insert in your website in header (i.e. before the </head> tage). That’s it you are live.

pushengage install code

2. Push Subscriber Opt-In

Depending on type of the opt-in you have selected, a customer will be shown a opt-in box for push notifications. The default option is to show you this opt-in at the time of loading a page. Once the customer clicks on "Allow", they will be added to your subscriber list.

Push Subscriber Opt-In

3. Send your First Notification

Once you have gathered at least 1 subscriber, you will be able to send out a push notification to your subscribers. They will receive it instantly and hopefully click it and come back to your site and engage with your website.

Send your First Push Notification

4. Push Notification analytics

After the send within few minutes you can send for each notification you send, how many subscribers viewed, or clicked your notifications. You can also see the expiration time of each notification, and number of users that unsubscribed since last notification.

Push Notification analytics
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